Were you ever in a situation when you felt stuck? Felt as if you were running around in a vicious circle? You could not find your way out?

The good news: There is always a way out! There is always a solution.

Sometimes we tend to resolve a problem or a situation by looking at it from only one standpoint. We see the problem and we are absolutely convinced that we know how to solve it and persist in trying to do so in the same (old) way. But what happens? Instead of finding the best possible solution for us, we keep on running into the same obstacles and difficulties ending up being frustrated, blaming bad luck, karma etc.

Once you’ve learned how to look at your problems from another angle, a whole new world of opportunities will open up for you. Do not dwell on how hard it is, and how luck has left your side. Instead discover a completely new path which can lead you to a whole new level of life.

So, how do we break free? How do we end the vicious circle?

Take a small step – look at the problem from a new angle. Changing our point of view will shed the light onto a new direction. We may realize that our problem is not a problem after all, or it might dawn on us that the problem is easy to solve etc. At the very least we will get an idea what our next step could be, and this step will then lead us to the next step etc. The feeling that we can do something and that we are on our way to find a resolution will set us free from our vicious circle. Fear will subside.

From a new standpoint we can see and open up to a whole new world of solutions.

Sounds easy, right? Sometimes it is, and we can easily resolve a situation, but at other times it is difficult to let go and we need support. We need somebody to shed the light and help us change our point of view and find the way out.

Do you feel like you could need support and you need someone to shed light in front of you?

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