Very often we find ourselves in situations where we feel stuck and are uncertain where and how to proceed. There are workshops and group session where we go and learn the methods which can help us improve the quality of our  lives. However, maybe we feel this is not our choice at the moment and consider individual sessions with a life coach more appropriate.

Maybe some of you might already have experience in attending workshops and you are familiar with different methods which were very useful. You feel very comfortable walking on your personal development path, but you would like more intensive approach.

Or you might have the feeling that you have gone through the same experience numerous times and that it keeps repeating itself and you are looking for a way out?

Life coaching could be just what you are looking for – a helping hand, support and a guide on your personal development path.

Life coaching is a personal counseling method in which the coach is shedding the light for the client and hereby helping him find the right direction and improve the quality of his/her life and embrace it completely.

A life coach gives the support to his/her client and helps him/her rediscover their life path. He helps them improve their skills and see life from a different viewpoint.

Life coaching is like taking individual workout sessions. The coach prepares an individual tailor-made plan of exercises in accordance with the client’s needs and goals, he monitors his/her further development and directs him/her towards the accomplishment of  their goals. It is essential for the client to be persistent and have enough discipline and to practice.

The essential goal of life coaching is to make the client balance his life and feel satisfied and at peace with him/herself. A life coach gives the client the tools and teaches him/her how to use them through a program of exercises and prepares him/her to manage his/her life him/herself.

In order for a client to achieve his/her goals, it is important that both the coach and the client are focused and dedicated to the process. The client should be willing to take his/her life into his/her own hands, discover the power he/she has within him/her, be able to set his/her goals in life as well as to improve the quality in all areas of his/her life and to be able to achieve all of that.  It is significant to stay focused and devoted.

If you feel that this could be useful for you, then you are welcome to life coaching!



If you would like to make an appointment for a session (also available on Skype), or you
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