Leaders: Ana Čizmić, HYL workshop leader and life-coach and Goran Kojić, certified life-coach

Why do our relationships today fall into crises so easily? What problems do we face in this modern world? Why is every relationship not always a partnership? When is it not? Why do we easily mix up the terms: love partnership and love rivalry?   

How can we avoid all of that? How can we discover the roots of our love problems? How do we solve those problems? And how do we get to the safe path to a successful love partnership?

If you are searching for answers to some of the questions above, and you would like to feel accomplished and be successful in your relationship, then this is the right opportunity for you!

The first lecture + workshop will be held on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 19h until 21h.

Belgrade, Hotel Prag Beograd, Kraljice Natalije 27

Lecture + workshop fee: 700 din.

Everyone attending will get a gift: book “101 principles about understanding”.

Additional info and applications:

anchi@anchi-coach.com, trener@umpasrce.com