Do you feel you need a change, but you have a hard time defining what it might be? Would like to have the influence on all circumstances in your life and at the same time not be time pressured  living your life? Would you like to embrace, enjoy and live your life to the fullest?

The program “Love Yourself – Heal Your Life” might just be what you are looking for. This is a very powerful transformational personal development workshop, which lasts for 10 weeks – one session per week lasting around 90 minutes.

Do you like reading books which deal with personal development topics and enjoy them? While reading them you feel that you understand everything and not only  you enjoy yourself, but you try to accept and use some of it so your life can finally be more beautiful and enriched. However, you would like to boost the effect from all the new stuff you are learning? In that case, the program “Love Yourself – Heal Your Life“is the right place for you.

During these 10 weeks, we will do a lot of exercises, and we will:

  • Learn the basic principles of Louise Hay’s philosophy
  • Develop our awareness on negative beliefs
  • Learn to unfold, reveal and get rid of old emotions and needs, which we do not need anymore and which are no longer of use to us
  • Learn how to rediscover the child within us who knows how to truly and honestly rejoice life and who loves to play; and also learn through our inner child how to love the life we have now
  • Find out if we really forgave everyone and perceive the releasing effect of forgiveness, as well as why this is an important step for us. We will learn how to let love freely enter our lives
  • Get to know and love ourselves in a new and more complete way
  • Learn the techniques and exercises which could be very useful in everyday situations
  • Find out how we can improve our relations with others, do our job with love, how to open up to prosperity in our life, learn about the connection between our body and mind and how we influence  our health and how to heal ourselves completely

“The thoughts we choose are the colors  by which we paint the picture of our life “– Louise L. Hay

Welcome to the beginning of your new and colorful life!