I am open and ready for every
good that Universe provides.

Ana Čizmić

certified Heal Your Life-coach

I was born in Belgrade, but thanks to great and wonderful opportunities that life has given me, lived and went to school in Germany and Sweden.

I speak English, German and Swedish. I have graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade and later specialized in Business Psychology. I have been working in Human Resources and have a precious experience in working with people.

I made my first and intensive steps on my self-knowledge development path a few years ago…

As a lot of other people, I also had quite a few challenges in my life and I thought I was handling them easily. I was always in  search for the quickest way out of every difficult situation, solving it successfully. Or  I thought so…My main principle was that each problem had a solution, which is great and can be good progress, but I either refused to see or missed some signs on the way.


Until I got my diagnosis (breast cancer) and started getting the therapy, I did not quite understand what it was that I was not resolving within me. This was a big  turning point in my life – a clear sign standing right in front of me. This time I was ready to see it.

I was seriously emotionally shaken. Why me? Do I really deserve this outcome? What did I do wrong? Is God punishing me for some reason? How do I get out of this?

At the time, I started reading books on self-help and personal development topics and came across an explanation that made sense to me: “goodness is the base of this Universe and we are the creators of our lives” (“Ask and It will be Given” – authors Ester and Jerry Hicks).

How? When we think we vibrate and we send vibrations to the Universe, God, Love… and in return we get an answer to the particular vibration. In other words, if our thoughts are negative, filled with  fears, we send to the Universe a very strong vibration and as an answer we get that what we are most afraid of.

I really liked this concept – that we create our lives with our thoughts, because that meant that we have the power to influence every area of our lives, including our health.

The next very important explanation I found in Louise L. Hay’s book, was that we need to learn how to love ourselves more. Her approach completely suited me – we create our lives with our thoughts, that what we believe in becomes our truth, what we give we  get in return; that we are all worthy of love and that accepting ourselves just the way we are is the key to positive changes and progress.

It was at this point that I started to awake and became aware that I was standing on my personal development path and that I was feeling great. I am still walking in the same direction on the same path.

In the meantime, I completed the training and became a licensed Heal Your Life (Louise L. Hay method) Workshop Leader and a life-coach with the intention to help others and shed life on their life path together and make  people realize that their lives can be incredible and wonderful, just as mine is today.

One of the main principles that have become an essential part of my living is that a simple life is a wonderful life.

My main life moto is: why make it complicated? Simple is better!