How many times have you heard this: “Love hurts” or “Every love fades out”?

Do you also have the impression that it is not easy for you to be successful in a relationship and it seems as if you keep meeting the same type of partners? Or your communication with your partner is always under pressure? Do you feel exhausted and have the feeling that you are in a vicious circle?

Unlock the door of your heart and let love flow in. Discover the key that you hold inside yourself and create a beautiful life.

The program “Unlock the Doors of Love” is a one-day workshop consisting of two parts.

The main focus during the first part of the workshop is on the preparation of space within our soul, so we can let love in easily and gently. Advancing through our licensed program of theory and exercise, we are, amongst other things, going to discover the power of forgiveness.

During the second part, through a combination of theory and exercise we are going to learn how to improve our relationships with the others.

By taking part in the program “Unlock the Doors of Love” we are going to learn:

  • The basic principles of Louise Hay’s philosophy
  • What love is and what our beliefs about love are
  • What we can do to unlock the door of love and where we can find the key to it
  • Why forgiving is essential and necessary part of the path so that we let love come into our lives
  • How to forgive and feel wonderful and refreshed, ready for new challenges that life brings us
  • What the term relationship means to us and who we are connected to? Which relationship is crucial for us and why we need to take care of it gently, and in which way this reflects all of our relationships?
  • The tools you can use individually, in everyday situations

“Love is always the key  to  solving any problem. And the path to love is forgiveness.” – Louise L. Hay

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